Online Reputation Management



A company's online reputation is a reflection of its influence and importance. Generally, positive reviews and opinions bring in online clients, publicity, traffic, and viewership while negative reviews and opinions result in loss of clients and viewership which is harmful to company development and progress. We undertake the responsibility of conducting research to manage and protect our client’s online reputation.

Our main objective is to create a balance between uploading engaging content while counteracting misleading trends so that our clients are represented transparently and truthfully. The online domain is long-lasting and permanent and a reputation once made is difficult to change. Our expert and qualified team make every effort to ensure that our clients are represented authentically and carefully.

What can you expect from us?

  • We promote open communication and devise innovative and smart methods to request customers to submit honest, open, and transparent feedback
  • We ensure that the appropriate information reaches target audiences in order to increase website traffic and visibility
  • Our team conducts detailed research to ensure that good and valuable reviews are provided
  • We undertake social media advertising to ensure that the awareness and popularity of our clients has a nationwide and global outreach and to promote client-customer engagement
  • Genixo constantly strives to ensure that derogatory comments, false information, harmful reviews, inaccuracies, misinformation, negative reviews, outdated content, and spam comments are constantly monitored and deleted
  • Our team constantly analyses and monitors the viewership, rating, traffic, and popularity of client web pages and websites and provides recommendations to improve position and rankings
  • We support our clients in providing efficient and quick solutions to address negative criticism and opinions
  • We provide marketing strategies like blog posts and reposts, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google AdWords, social media updates, and many more techniques to maintain the online recognition and reputation of our clients
  • We utilize Google Alerts to monitor notifications related to articles, blog posts, online stories, and Facebook shares to ensure that all comments are noticed
  • We constantly monitor changes in online posts associated with likes, comments, shares, re-tweets, and reposts with the help of email tracking and data cross-indexing
  • Our content strategists assist in enhancing online content by incorporating up-to-date content, latest and relevant keywords, original and catchy headlines, creative snippets and teasers, graphics, and trending hashtags
  • Our expert social analysts index trending topics and create relevant backlinks to client websites to increase traffic
  • Our technical team provides 24/7 customer experience management (CEM) strategies and solutions to ensure customer attention, retention, and satisfaction
  • Genixo provides assistance in distribution and publicity by creating informative blogs, relevant stories, website citations, and social media posts and updates
  • We do regular online research to monitor and rank our client’s brand familiarity and popularity

We assure our clients of our complete assistance and support in providing advanced marketing strategies to help to boost their brand value. We ensure a balance between client content exposure, client-customer engagement, customer review assessment, and further brand awareness by constantly reinforcing our client’s goals and objectives so that they have an exceptional reputation in the online business world.