Logo Design

Logo design


Your logo not only conveys the name of the brand but also visually describes the mission, objective, and vision of a company without the use of words. It is the first thing customers notice on a web page or website and is, therefore, required to be visually alluring, attractive, catchy, and intriguing. A logo is the bridge that connects a company or brand to its target audience. It is a combination of icons, images, symbols, and text that depict the core values of a brand. It represents a company’s identity and beliefs.

We at Genixo Info Solutions understand the importance of having a high-impact brand representation. Our experienced and qualified professionals are always ready to assist our clients in converting their ideas and beliefs into visual symbols that are deep-rooted and long-lasting.

Why we are different:

  • We offer services integrated with creativity, business ethos, and customer understanding to ensure that both our clients and their customers are satisfied
  • Our team consists of trained and highly qualified professionals whose creativity and designing skills are sure to help our clients in converting their thoughts into illustration
  • We provide logos in JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF web, and print formats
  • We offer customized services to ensure that the concepts and ideas of our clients are converted into visual representations through the case, color, font, and size
  • We offer free consultation services to understand our client’s story, ideas, needs, business objectives, and target audience
  • Our designs are of high clarity, magnification, and resolution and can be clearly observed from multiple digital devices
  • Our logo recommendations are minimalistic to ensure that the core idea is conveyed without the presence of extra frills and distractions
  • We provide support 24/7 in case clients wish to change or modify their logos
  • We understand that every brand is unique and provide suggestions and recommendations that will create our brand’s one-of-a-kind identity
  • Our team provide guidance centered around the current and latest design styles and trends
  • We provide quick service ranging from one-day delivery to 7 to 14 days delivery
  • We ensure that our clients receive complete commercial usage rights without any hidden terms and conditions
  • We guarantee services that will make our clients stand out against the competition
  • We offer logo-designing services for various categories like education, construction, legal, real estate, sports, advertising, travel, hospitality, and IT

We believe that the success of a business is influenced by consumers who believe in the objectives and vision of the business. We aspire to attract and draw the right audience to will help to increase and support loyalty and trust in a brand. Our goal is to ensure that potential customers are inspired by the brand at first glance which we hope will progress into a lasting impression.