Website Maintenance



A website is the public identity, image, and representation of a company or organization. In order to build reliability and promote profitable business regular analysis, enhancements, changes, modifications, organization, and updates are required. Just like a car engine requires regular assessment and maintenance to run efficiently and smoothly, a website also requires scheduled analysis, checks, and updates to run consistently and effortlessly.

Our services are always available to help our clients and business partners to avoid unnecessary losses in the form of discontinuity, inconsistency, irregularity, and instability.

Why to choose us:

  • We ensure that our client’s websites are healthy and regularly monitored and consistently maintained and organized
  • Our website building and maintenance tools like content management systems (CMS) ensure that our client’s website is constantly updated and upgraded to ensure that we provide the best service
  • Our experienced and qualified analysts ensure that client SEO and web-based search engine rankings are always enhanced and high
  • We ensure high traffic and visibility to client web pages and websites
  • Genixo’s technical staff uses the latest Google Webmaster tools to ensure unhindered page loading and image and data compression
  • We ensure that the latest software and plug-in updates are made in our client’s website to guarantee fast load speed, smooth experience, and transition
  • We declutter spam comments from pages and posts found on social networking sites to ensure that the relevant traffic has access to web pages and websites
  • Our software team constantly monitors and surveys broken links and incorrect redirect links to ensure a hassle-free and smooth online experience
  • Errors (like 404) are constantly monitored and corrected, fixed, repaired, and regulated. Website error logs are also constantly analyzed and checked to prevent recurrence of errors
  • We ensure constant updates of articles and blogs to engage and retain customers, increase information relevance, SEO traffic, and website visibility
  • Genixo’s online security team ensures that the latest website security updates, security scans, and patches are incorporated
  • Our experts constantly monitor and track website statistics to maintain a high position and ranking
  • Our experts regularly amend and revise websites with the latest updated information, revised dates, copyright dates and details, active and verified email addresses, contact information, and domain name so that customers are provided with authentic data
  • We ensure that the design, framework, and structure of the website is loaded with innovative graphics and styles. Websites are also customized and redesigned to incorporate the latest demands and trends
  • Care is taken to ensure that keywords are researched, accurate SEO is applied, and informative and latest meta titles and descriptions are used
  • Digital information is available in multiple devices and we ensure that website materials are available in all browsers and devices
  • Our frequent advertising campaigns and surveys help to analyze and verify website traffic
  • Our technical staff constantly analyze websites to conduct maintenance and check, fix, or upgrade the existing software and clean up old unnecessary files
  • A website backup is always maintained to prevent loss of important and valuable data
  • We use tools like YSlow or Google PageSpeed Insight to constantly monitor website speed to identify and resolve issues that lead to website speed reduction

Our qualified team undertakes multiple efforts to ensure that our client’s website is steadily running, efficient, and up-to-date with the latest information. Real-time changes and modifications are consistently updated to websites to ensure that customers are able to avail assistance when they require.