Search Engine Optimization


SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is a method of obtaining maximum website viewership or “traffic” without any additional payment. It involves increasing the ranking/position of the website in a web-based search engine through search engine results pages (SERPs). Renowned search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing display results according to position and ranking based on subjects and topics that are relevant to website users.

In order to achieve excellent optimization, it is essential to ensure that keywords, title tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions are informative so that customers are immediately provided with the information that they require. Just as technology is dynamic, algorithms keep changing continuously and frequently. In order to remain highly efficient in marketing, it is essential to use the latest keywords and title tags. To achieve this, regular research is mandatory.

Genixo Info Solutions ensures that our clients are ranked above the ordinary with constant keyword research to ensure that keywords are authentic, catchy, relevant, significant, and unique. Our SEO strategies are proven to ensure client-customer interaction, communication, networking, and partnership to bring about business profit and success.

Why we are different:

  • Our keywords are compatible on multiple types of web-based search engines like image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines
  • Genixo’s trained content-writers and SEO analysts create relevant keywords and content that are SEO-friendly and help to increase website visibility and ranking
  • We use the latest HTML5 software which ensures the consistent and smooth loading of web pages and websites and compatibility with multiple search engines
  • Our team constantly analyses and monitors the viewership, rating, traffic, and popularity of client web pages and websites and provides recommendations to improve position and rankings
  • Our content strategists assist in enhancing online content by incorporating up-to-date content, latest and relevant keywords, catchy and original headlines, and graphics
  • Our social analysts index trending topics and create relevant backlinks to client websites to increase traffic and visibility
  • Genixo’s technical team ensures that our client’s website are consistently ranked higher than the competition in web-based search engine results pages (SERP)
  • Our SEO team in collaboration with the marketing team provides assistance and support in designing, running, and optimizing search engine advertisement campaigns
  • Our developers guarantee the best web page and website loading speed so that our client’s content can be easily accessed without any interruptions
  • We utilize the latest Google Webmaster Tools interface to ensure seamless and smooth responses without delays and lags
  • Our solutions are accessible on multiple devices to ensure maximum accessibility and exposure
  • We utilize the latest Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool to ensure increased page downloading speed
  • Our strategy of high click-through rate (CTR) is bound to enhance and promote better search results and page ranking

We believe that the mutual communication, interaction, and interconnectivity of search engine optimization (SEO), software, technology, media, computers, human behavior, and human psychology is the core of a profitable and successful business. Our ultimate objective is to translate our client’s vision into revenue and profits.