Website Hosting

Web hosting


Website Hosting involves services and technologies involved in publishing a web page or website on the internet. It is the FIRST thing to consider before launching a website or business. Publishing a website online ensures that online users have constant access to a company’s objectives and services. Whether the requirement is a website, small business, large business, or e-commerce network, our services are always available to help our clients and business partners.

We ensure fast, secure, and user-friendly servers with up-to-date online databases that enable easy accessibility, exceptional performance, flexibility, hassle-free experiences, straightforward control and management, and quick uploads for an easy and smooth user experience.

The Genixo advantage:

  • We provide FTP access to ensure that our client’s websites are convenient and easy to access
  • Genixo’s website building and maintenance tools are constantly updated and upgraded to ensure that we provide the best service to our clients
  • Our services are customized based on client requirements and include the provision of high-quality innovative website development strategies
  • We provide seamless and uninterrupted WordPress Support to help our clients in creating promotional blogs, domains, and websites
  • We provide high capacity cloud-based and database storage with extensive disk space to assist clients in storing their valuable data and information online
  • We ensure that our client’s websites are dynamic, productive, and prominent
  • We provide 24/7 assistance, support, and troubleshooting because of our highly qualified support staff and technicians
  • We assist in the renewal of websites and domains as per the necessity and requirements of our clients
  • We provide online safety and security through secure sockets layer (SSL) certifications that help to safeguard valuable information
  • We provide initiation-to-publishing or specific services that are continuous, consistent, and hassle-free
  • We guarantee increased bandwidth and ensure efficient network accessibility, enhanced signal transmission, and maximized rate of data transfer to maintain uninterrupted and stable website availability
  • We provide 24/7 website monitoring and surveillance to ensure that there is no interruption to website visibility
  • Genixo’s e-mail marketing tools to assist our clients in all mediums of advertising and marketing
  • We ensure 100% uptime to establish business continuity, network accessibility, and website availability
  • Our innovative and modern methods and strategies translate to dependability, trust, quality, and reliability
  • We integrate social networking strategies to build e-commerce, enhance distribution, and increase public outreach

Our experienced and certified team understands all the necessities and requirements that are essential for an efficient, profitable, and successful web page or website. We provide recommendations based on research and development with multiple technologies and frameworks, to ensure that our client’s web page or website is publicly accessible, operated, reachable, recognized, and utilized.