Cyber security 2020: The Danger of Ransomware

Cyber security 2020: The Danger of Ransomware


Today, every individual is connected to the internet and it is hard to imagine any place without the internet. This connected environment has become as both boon and a bane for the society. Some use this global connected platform for productive means like information gathering, knowledge sharing, learning, skill development and many other productive activities that are beneficial for society. But in the majority of cases, this internet is used by the miscreants to carry out illegal activities like cyber attacks, ransomware attacks, dark web activities, money laundering and many other illegal activities that have a negative impact on the society globally. One such illegal activity that is in high rates in today’s era is “Ransomware”.

What is Ransomeware?

Ransomeware is a type of activity where the attackers install the malware in the systems to lock the sensitive files and threaten the organizations and individuals for money in return. Recent reports released from the cyber security agencies state that the attackers have extorted millions of dollars from individuals and organizations in the name of the ransomware across the world. The ransomware attackers hold the files in hostage and demand huge money for releasing the files. In simple terms, it is the process of kidnapping the sensitive files virtually by the attackers in return for money.

Ransomeware has increased drastically in recent years. A large number of cyber thieves are attacking computers worldwide for their vested interests mainly for the greed of money.  The attackers are capable to attack any computer located in a remote corner of the world by installing a bug by sending emails through unsecured websites. If the user clicks on those suspicious emails then that bug gets installed automatically in the computer without the knowledge of the user. Once it is installed then these attackers are able to hack the sensitive data stored in those computers. These hackers by using the bug remotely hold the sensitive data of individuals and organizations and threaten them for money to release their data

The global reports show that ransomware attacks have increased by 18% in 2019.  Many global statistics also show that there has been a steady increase in ransomware at a rate of 12% average in the past five years. Today, ransomware has been carried out by organized criminals towards specific industries like education, healthcare, IT Software, Government agencies, and many other areas.

Reason for Ransomeware

The connectivity through the internet has made the computers and handheld devices compromised and as easy targets for cyber thieves to conduct malware attacks. The main reason is the lack of high-end security on websites. Many organizations even today are using unsecured official websites for their businesses. The stats show that these unsecured websites are the prime targets for cyber thieves. The attackers are targeting these unsecured websites for ransomware by installing the malware without the notice of the user. Hacking these unsecured websites is a simple task and within minutes the hackers gain access to these websites. Once they get admin access then the attacker holds the sensitive files for ransom money and organizations end up paying thousands of dollars in return of their data.

The reality is that many organizations are still using unsecured web platforms for their official websites. The irony is that the sensitive data that acts as a lifeline for the survival of any organization is under stake in these unsecured websites. This data on the website is highly exposed to the attackers and acts as an easy target for cyber thieves. The attackers will be looking for such unsecured websites and they conduct attacks on these unsecured websites to gain access to the highly sensitive data. Once they gain access then these attackers install a bug that holds the files by locking the files. The attackers now demand money from organizations for the release of their data. Unfortunately, the organizations end up paying huge money in order to survive the business.

How to be safe from Ransomware?

The rise of ransomware over the past year has become an ever-growing problem. Many businesses believe that paying the ransom is the most cost-effective way to get their data back. But the organizations should be aware that they have better options to prevent their websites from ransomware attacks. The organizations can develop secured websites for their business by spending a meagre amount instead of paying a hefty amount to the attacker. The organizations can get their websites developed by approaching the best web development companies and the best software development companies in the market. 

Its high-time now that organizations should secure their websites so that such a disaster can be avoided. There are many software development and web development companies that have the expertise and tools to develop secured websites and make them strong such that the attackers can never be able to hack these websites. The organizations can contact the best web development company in the market to develop secured websites for their businesses that are user-friendly and strongly resistant to cyber-attacks. The other important advantage for organizations for approaching web development companies is the timely maintenance of their website, one of the best ways to prevent the website from attacks.

Every day a new malware is developed by the attackers and they see every possible way to hack the websites. The best web development companies have the best tools and expertise to counter the attacks. The website companies are prepared with counter tools to prevent the website from hacking. By this preparedness, a possible attack can be countered effectively in real-time. The organizations can remain tension free from getting hacked and can continue their business flawlessly. The organizations with unsecured websites can directly approach these best web development companies for converting their unsecured websites into high-security websites.

On the other hand, many software development companies are capable to develop a secure and encrypted platform for hosting these websites. The organizations can host their websites in an encrypted platform so that sensitive data are shielded from cyber-attacks. The organizations can contact the best software development company in the market for developing a secure atmosphere for their websites.

By approaching the software development companies the organizations can be assured that their websites are in a safe atmosphere that is free from attackers and they can focus on achieving their business goals.

Advantage of outsourcing the websites

The main advantage is economic viability for the organizations. The organizations are not required to invest in maintaining a separate team of experts to handle their websites. The best software development company in the market will have a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals to maintain these websites in the secured platform on a real-time basis. The real-time maintenance rules out any cyber attacks on the websites by the attackers. The real-time maintenance is only possible by timely updates and patches for the websites.

The experts in the software development company will take care of all such updates and ensures that the organizational websites are highly secured and attack free. The cost of outsourcing is very less when compared to the costs of maintaining an in-house team for website maintenance.

Outsourcing the maintenance of the websites to the best web development companies is the best economically viable option available for the organizations. The organizations can utilize a greater amount of time and money for future ventures and business expansions and work towards business goal accomplishments.

In today’s internet world the need for high-security websites has become mandatory for organizations. It is better to have a protective approach for their official websites so that their data is safe and secured from the miscreant community.